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STRIVE North Ayrshire Case Study


Jamie who is 24 lives with his Gran and Papa in Kilbirnie. Prior to joining Strive on 3rd March 2014, Jamie worked as a lifeguard from 2004 until October 2013 when he was made redundant. During his time unemployed he had a few interviews but was unsuccessful. Whilst attending Strive, an interview was arranged for Jamie with Millar Callaghan for Wednesday 12th March which he attended and was successful in gaining an engineering labouring position with prospects of being trained as an engineer. He started work on 17th March 2014

Jamie wrote, “I enjoyed my time on Strive course. I learned how to work better as part of a team and more importantly, I gained a lot more confidence. I thought I was confident until some exercises really challenged me. I now have secured employment with Millar Callaghan as an engineer’s labourer. As I have a job now I can book my holidays and festivals again. The opportunities are endless with this company and it’s thanks to Lynn and Betty and the Strive course for helping me move in the right direction and building my confidence”.


Jackie aged 21 lives in West Kilbride with her Mum who is a widow and unemployed. She also has an older brother who works and a younger brother at school. She last worked in July 2013 when her job with Asda came to an end. Since then she has been claiming Jobseekers Allowance and making job applications. She commenced Strive on 31st March 2014 and gave one hundred per cent commitment to every task undertaken. On Monday 14th April she starts working with BPO as an Administrative Assistant.

Jackie wrote, "I’ve been unemployed since the end of July and I have hated it. Being unemployed for so long started to bring my confidence down when I was trying my hardest to gain employment. Coming to the Strive project has changed all of that. All of the different tasks we have done have made me feel more confident about my skills and abilities and also more confident about and within myself. I think Lynn and Betty have done an amazing job with helping to boost everyone’s confidence and I feel really happy about myself, knowing I can do presentations and stand up in front of a group of people I do not know and talk about myself without feeling nervous. I am now going to be an administration assistant at BPO Collections and I feel confi-dent about putting the skills and qualities I have demonstrated through the course into my new job. I have really enjoyed the course and I would definitely recommend the course to others".


Prior to joining Strive, Ryan aged 23 worked with Balfour Beattie until February 2014 when, unfortunately, he was made redundant. He lives in Irvine with his parents who both work.

Ryan commenced Strive on 2nd June 2014 and worked diligently, concentrating on developing his interview techniques. He had an interview with Millar Callaghan (a well-established engineering company) on Friday 13th June 2014 for the position of engineering labourer. He performed well during the interview and was successful in gaining the position as a labourer with a view of being trained as a machine operator. He started work on Monday 16th June 2014.

Ryan wrote, "I am delighted to have gained employment with Millar Callaghan as an engineering labourer as the role offers potential for further training and as much overtime as I could want. It’s such a relief to be off Jobseekers and being able to pay my bills with no worries. Gaining employment also means I can regain my social life and move out of my parents’ home into a little place of my own again. I can only thank the staff at Strive and North Ayrshire Council for all of their support especially the course facilitator Betty Mair who I felt went above and beyond the call of duty with regards helping me personally with applications".


Cameron aged 16 lives in Irvine with his Gran who is now on State Pension and finds it difficult at times to make ends meet.

Prior to joining Strive, Cameron left school in 2013 and had only two short spells of employment as vehicle windscreen repairer and landscaper as part of programmes at Rathbone and Spark of Genius and he felt that he was getting nowhere when the placements came to an end.

He joined Strive on 2nd June 2014 and is starting a permanent job as a recycling operative with CCL North on 16th June 2014.

Ryan wrote, "The Strive course has taught me lots of interview skills techniques and how to present myself to an employer. It has improved my confidence and I struggle less with talking in front of large groups. I’ve now got a job with CCL North and I’m excited about this as I can do lots of new things like starting driving lessons. I would recommend the course to anyone looking for a job. The Strive course is a great idea and I’m glad they took me, without them, I would probably be doing nothing right now-it’s very professional".

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