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0141 951 1131

PEAT & PEMS in North Ayrshire

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So what is PEAT and PEMS?


A 2-week workshop delivered by our highly-skilled Facilitators, focusing on enhanced core employability skills, building confidence and developing the softer skills that employers expect in the workplace like attitude; behaviour; time-keeping; flexibility; teamwork.




A 12-week programme where Modern Apprentices attend weekly sessions with our Employability Specialist, undertaking intensive job searching including competency-based interviews, current recruitment practise and team-building.


Our qualified team of experts deliver PEAT and PEMS to deliver outstanding results.

85% of potential Modern Apprentices completing the PEAT workshops secured a Modern Apprenticeship with North Ayrshire Council

Over 70% of MA’s completing PEMS for 3 months prior to the end of their MA secured employment or Further Education

Both a significant increase on previous years in terms of Modern Apprentices sustaining employment after completing the PEAT workshops as well as a marked increase in Modern Apprentices moving into a positive destination with the PEMS support.

Interested in  PEAT or PEMS?

For more information or an informal discussion about PEAT and PEMS please contact Blyth Deans on 0141 951 1131 or

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