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SIMRA - Cultural Events 2019



A Press Release...

The Lennox Partnership has been involved in the delivery of a transnational project known as “SIMRA II” which brought together 9 partners from 5 EU countries.  The general objective was to foster active participation of migrant / asylum seeking / refugee women in the 'host' society by developing, implementing and evaluating a pilot intervention scheme.

A key element of the SIMRA project was the organisation and implementation of a number of cultural events within the participant’s communities, with the aim of promoting inter-cultural dialogue and enhancing social interaction, and assisting the integration of our SIMRA clients.

Having provided a general format that these events would follow, we encouraged the SIMRA woman to develop their own ideas around what would be of interest to their communities and what types of activities would be carried out.

TLP’s SIMRA project delivered 4 such events over the summer months, namely a “Family Celebration, a Mother’s Day Celebration, an Arts Day, and a session on Improving Self Esteem. Each of these events had their own Arts and Cultural activities which included Dance, Music, Cooking, Creative Arts, and Jewellery Making. Where we could were able to promote and link our activities to the programme of events for the Refugee Festival Scotland 2019.

TLP’s involvement with the SIMRA project has been hugely beneficial as we have not only benefitted from working with our SIMRA participants in Glasgow but also learning from the activities of our other partners from across Europe.


For more details of our work with SIMRA, please visit:

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