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Re Orient


For the past few years unemployment is both a concern and a challenge across Europe. The consequences hitting masses of people, a lot of them middle aged. Increased lay-offs in the service sector and the industry are leaving professionals and trained workers in the middle of their career both out of job and without prospects. At the same time technical/traditional vocations that are being abandoned can be seen as job opportunities, especially through small-scale social entrepreneurial activities.

An adequate response to these challenges is the strengthening of knowledge and the offer of relevant and effective (re)orientation tools to coaches/trainers/counselors to use in their immediate work with beneficiaries. Our Project’s objective is to provide for them the contextual framework and the educational material to address the needs of their diverse (and steadily more diversified) group of beneficiaries along with easy to use materials and tools for vocational re-orientation of adults and vulnerable groups.


Our partnership joins forces in order to provide an innovative approach to strengthen the VET effectiveness and indirectly aid in combating unemployment through VET means: enhancing access to training and qualification for all, with special attention to low skilled; providing efficient and integrated guidance services; introducing opportunities for professional development of VET trainers/coaches/counselors; developing effective, open and innovative education techniques through the use of ICT. 

Our Partners

INFODEF, Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training, is a private and independent centre for Research, Development and Innovation. We design innovative tools and methods that respond to current social and economic challenges and enable to anticipate and drive the changes needed to achieve future goals and objectives in society. INFODEF supports the modernization of the educational and employment systems through innovative methodologies, products and services.

APEA – Portuguese Association of Supported Employment is a private, non-profit organization. APEA aims to work with supported employment methodology, improving the integration at work in the open labour market of people fromdisadvantaged  situations (people with disabilities, people with mental illness problems, people from ethnic minorities, Roma people, women victims in a situations of violence, long-term unemployed), with a strong link to business and state employment centres. APEA also prepares new solutions, new tools that companies can easily manage to improve job placement of people at a disadvantage, putting emphasis on personal abilities, skills and needs of companies (effective Job matching).

ITG is the No. 1 group of freelance consultants in France and has a turnover of 64 M€. Existing today throughout the French territory with more than 3000 consultants, the Group ITG has since 1996 acknowledged experts in all areas of consulting, study and training. It has developed, for its consultants ITG tailor-made services such as expertise and experience in the field of training, lifelong learning and management within France, Europe and at international level. ITG has its own training centre dedicated to its workers and has set out a Foundation in 2013.

 IEKEP -The Institute of Training & Vocational Guidance founded in 1990, is a private non-profit organization, functioning in the region of Attica as an accredited vocational training center (No 12101107 by Greek Ministry of Employment).  IEKEP has over 20 years of expertise in Vocational Guidance (more than 600 vocational training programmes/over 200.000 hours of vocational training/over 12.000 trainees) as well as administration, audit and management procedures. Its function complies with the relevant administrative framework set by the Greek state, including an integrated monitoring and evaluation system running through all its activities.

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