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STRIVE Sisters Sorority - a poem



A poem by one of our INVEST STRIVE in Renfrewshire graduates from February 2016...


  "On the first day of the course I didn’t know what to expect, now two weeks have passed I’ve had time to reflect.

I remember day one of the course some members nervous others full of fear, but what a change two days later everyone started to excel, it was a privilege to see friends come out of their shell.

Jenna would sit in front of the class very professional firm but fair. She would often say if you don’t understand anything I’m trying to convey please say. Come up and ask please don’t shout out, showing respect is what this is about.

Elaine would sit in front of the class observing and listening she too was very professional, firm but fair. If you completed the task I’m sure you could see her eyes and her face were full of glee.

Rachel would sit in her chair looking professional, firm but fair. Doing your CV, contacting employers and teaching IT. Explaining fully and clearly what you achieved and adding it to your C.V, if you approved.

Classmates – From day one we’ve been put to the test, lots to learn lots to digest, but I believe we’ve all done our best, I think the sisters have been really impressed!

We have all overcome many difficulties, the course has been intensive, hard work, challenging, educational. The sisters all use their skills and have been truly sensational.

As we go in search of employment, yes the course was difficult at times, but full of enjoyment. We have learned a lot in our time together, making friends it has been a pleasure, these three weeks I will always treasure.

Let’s all try and put to good use the skills we’ve achieved, the qualities we now know we have the belief in our own abilities. Basically what I’m trying to say is don’t be left on the unemployment shelf, go out to your interviews and most of all believe in yourself! Although I’m your friend when it does come to an interview … P.S every man for himself!

To the STRIVE Sisters Sorority.

I say thank you for everything. I never knew I could learn so much in such a short time. Now when we see Jenna, Elaine, Rachel sit in their chair we all now know they really do care."


David Wallace  (Feb 2016)



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