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Mandatory Work Activity

Case Study 1:

Fiona was referred by Clydebank Jobcentre to the Mandatory Work Activity as she had been out of work for 15 months. Having previously worked in retail, Fiona was keen to use her skills to benefit a charity shop.  The Placement Liaison Officer at TLP discussed various opportunities with Fiona and they both decided that a placement in a charity store would be ideal and a start was arranged for the following week.

During her time working with the staff, volunteers and customers at the store, Fiona learned new skills and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She was upset on her last day as she did not want her placement to end especially when her colleagues bought her a small leaving gift.  The Store Manager was also sad to see Fiona leave as she had made a great impact on the whole team.

Despite having to travel from Clydebank to Dumbarton every day, Fiona loved every minute of her time on placement. She enjoyed the routine of getting up for work again and helping a worthwhile charity.  Fiona felt more confident and focused after her time on placement and she went onto volunteer in a charity store nearer her home. 

Case Study 2:

Christina was referred by her Personal Adviser at Kirkintilloch Jobcentre. She is a lone parent with two young daughters and has a lovely outgoing personality.  She had developed excellent customer service skills through her previous jobs in hairdressing, retail and bar work.  Christina was very keen to get some current retail experience and then look for a job in this sector.

Christina’s placement was arranged for a local charity shop in Kirkintilloch and she enjoyed every minute of it. She was happy that she updated her customer service and team working skills and was keen to move quickly into work.

The Supervisor rated Christina as excellent on everything aspect of her work while on placement. She added “Christina was a pleasure to work with.  She is quick to learn and implement new skills.”

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