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Work Programme

Work Programme – Working Links

Case Study 1:

Scott had been unemployed for a year prior to joining the Work Programme in December 2014. His only work experience was a 2 month placement with Argos during the Christmas period. When Scott first joined the programme he lacked confidence and was feeling de-motivated as he had not secured an interview in the period that he had been looking for work.  Initially Scott attended a series of Employability workshops to increase his confidence and to ensure that he had the necessary job search tools in place such as a CV, cover letter, effective job search skills and interview skills. In addition he attended weekly supported job search sessions.

As his work experience was limited Scott was willing to consider all areas of employment. In July 2014 we developed a pre- employment training programme for a local debt management company. Although he did not have experience in this type of work, Scott was keen to get involved  as he had always been reluctant to apply for call centre jobs due to lack of relevant training/work experience. The programme included training in presentation skills, communication skills, telephone techniques conflict management, Data Protection Act, customer confidentiality and interview skills. Following 2 weeks training and a 3 week work experience placement Scott successfully secured employment and started work in August 2014.

Case Study 2:

Marena, who last worked in 2011 was referred onto the Work Programme in June 2012. At the time Marena and her husband had been facing a number of difficulties. Her husband had a severe health condition, they had financial problems as neither had worked for some time and they had a one year old child to support.

Marena had previously worked as an office manager but felt this type of work might not be the best job option for her at that time. Marena met with her consultant on a regular basis to look at alternative options and was interested in care work. Marena’s consultant helped her to complete a job application for Orems and Quarriers. She then attended an Interview Preparation workshop which she found helpful as it focussed on work within the care sector. The subsequent mock interview helped to boost her confidence as it had been over 4 years since her last job interview. 

Initially Marena was offered a position with Orems but the hours were not suitable, however Marena’s consultant called her about a vacancy with Allied Healthcare and after interview she was offered the post later that day.

We were able to help Marena with the cost of a PVG certificate and she started work on 11th November 2013.

Marena is still working for Allied Healthcare and reports that the job is going great and she is thoroughly enjoying it. At present she works an average of 45 hours a week but when she starts an Access to Nursing course at college in September 2014 she will reduce her hours to 24 a week.

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